Clockwork Angel… short review

clockwork angel review

Author: Cassandra Clare

I should really wait until I finish all three books, which is what I was going to do before writing this. Oh! Well, I am doing it right now.

Have you read The Mortal Instruments? I hope you have, because they are so completely awesome, but this is about what happened before Clary, Jace, the Lightwoods, and Simon all got together to save the world.

Cassie Clare did it again, she managed to create yet another amazing book with characters that are slightly similar to the ones in TMI, and please don’t say that they are not because come on. Will Herondale for example, he might have black hair and blue eyes (which is an all-time favourite combo) has the nearly exact personality as Jace, they might be related but that does not mean they have to act similar. And Tessa Gray? Clary without the red hair and the not so bright decisions, Tessa is a warlock and all but still.

Continuing with the characters, Jem Carstairs, By the Angel, he is just too much, he is great and I liked so much more than I like Will, this is book 1, I don’t know what happens after and if Will does something that will made me change my mind, and I will like them in an equal manner, but so far I am all for Jem, he is too great, and the worst is knowing how his future turns out because City of Heavenly Fire gave us an inside look.

angel mecánico colgante tessa

So yes, I am into this story even though I more or less know how it will probably end, I still find myself wanting to read more about it. This one is a bit short, but I really want to have all my facts before commenting and stating that I either loved the whole trilogy or not, keep close by and subscribe if you want to know more from me.

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