2022 Blog Recap

‘You don’t have to apologize, you don’t have to tell them anything.’

blog recap 2022

Happy New Year, dearies! 🎆❄🎇

Here’s this one in case you missed some good ones.

It was not easy to pick one post for each month, so I didn’t and instead, I’ll talk about what happened during the year.


“Oaklyn was either going to make me or destroy me. I just hoped it was the former, because I didn’t have much more left to destroy.”

Voyeur Series

My full review of the Voyeur Series, first in a while with a whole series in it. Romance novels that I highly recommend.

I was pretty active on the blog back in Jan 2022 it seems. Also, old reads and news about TLC animated series. And I finished watching Hotel del Luna, which was a great watch.


“But she’s surprised when her hatred for her newfound enemy is matched by a powerful attraction–a temptation at odds with her desire to reclaim her freedom.”

The Promise of Rain

I read some lighter romances, The Promise of Rain and finally finished Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession, which did not go as smoothly as I expected.

As February was a love-month for some, I also listed Manga characters that give a heartthrob and a reading list for heartbreaks and swoons.


“I did something… Magical…”


The month of the old reads, it seems, short stories from the Shadow World, but a new book character background was added, this one for Victoria from The Idhun Chronicles, which you might know is on my top 5 favourite books.


“Not one day went by that I didn’t feel you missing from my life.”


I had started re-reading the Hush Hush saga, and finished the first three books back in April, they went by quick then Finale (book 4) not so much.

April also featured a lot of book challenges, they were fun but hard to think of books like that, to compile a list. But another great show I watched and finished this month was Moon Lovers.


“I think the idea of me is better than the reality of me.”


Finished Finale (Hush Hush book 4), I don’t think I was as excited as the first time around, but I did enjoy the whole series.

I read my first mystery/drama and first Colleen Hoover, it was not as amazing as the world says, at least on my end.


“Nothing you can take from me was ever worth keeping.”

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

This started strong with Stranger Things season 4, then news of The Ballad Songbirds and Snakes, which by the way will be released November 17, 2023.

And by the end of June, I started my flashback posts. If you don’t know, these are about old books, shows, or movies from yeaarss ago, and how I still love them.


“Well, it says to form a circle of salt to protect from zombies, witches, and old boyfriends.”

Hocus Pocus

Not much to tell from July, I think I was travelling so only a flashback and a list of book deals.


“Hori-san instead of saying ‘where are you going’ do you mean ‘please don’t go’”

Miyamura Izumi

Now, this month was a bit more lively and holds one of my favourite reads and anime, a recent favourite that is, I fell for Horimiya so swiftly it was insane. Another mystery/thriller book and a quick post for the Hightowers before The House of the Dragon began.


“It’s a classic love story. I hit on him at a party, he asked me out, then we fought an epic magical battle between good and evil side by side, and now we need a vacation.”

The Red Scrolls of Magic

Finished The Nothing Man, which was not all that great. But also read The Red Scrolls of Magic and immediately wanted to read everything Shadowhunters related again, because.


“Being alone is not synonymous with being lonely.” 

Suzune Horikita

My month, my favourite holiday, and my birthday. I binge-watched Classroom of the Elite and wow, amazing.

November (?)


Nothing happened in November, apparently.


“The heart does not exist solely for the purpose to pump blood.”

Violet Crawley – Downton Abbey

A new list of book characters, this one, for those we would like to hug. Top reads of 2022 and what I watched in 2022, also a flashback, this one for Downton Abbey, a show that I love to re-watch.

And that’s it for 2022, it went by quick for me and yet, not quick enough. I wanted it to be over so badly, and well, here we are, a new year. Thank you for sticking to the end, and I hope you’ll come back for more, don’t forget to browse the main page for something new to read, I have a lot of book reviews there.

Happy reading! ⭐📚


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