“Most people come to New York to be discovered. The rest of us come here to hide.”

book review thriller verity

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genres: Thriller, Romance, Mystery, Dark, Adult


Hello, dearies! 📖

First off, let me tell you a bit of what you’ll encounter in this book review for Verity because I feel like some warnings are necessary.

I gave it 4 stars to not give it 3 because that would affect the author, and I’m sure many love this book. And It’s not that I didn’t like it perse, but I didn’t enjoy it fully either. I gave it 4 out of 5 because it was well-written, and I thought, yes, I could read other books by this author.

But this review is honest, as honest it can be without giving away the ending. I’m warning now and will be warning you further ahead that there are spoilers in this review, many if you don’t want to know anything before reading Verity like me. I read it without even looking at the genres of it.

Let’s begin. 📝

This book review contains spoilers and quotes from the book that give tons of context and some that don’t. My comments and side notes while reading the book are also included, and you will see spoilers there, so don’t read if you haven’t read Verity yet, it might ruin the effect and influence your thinking while reading it.

If you don’t mind some spoilers, then go ahead.

spoilers alert

While reading Verity

Ch 2

  • ‘What are the chances we’re heading to the same meeting?’

The chances are that that was the gorier version of a meet-cute.

  • “flat payment of seventy-five thousand per book.”

Sorry as a writer, I went back to this line over and over again because I think I would get over my aversion of people and do it. Most likely.

  • “Half a million dollars?”

Okay, so the offer just got even better. Sorry that my thoughts are on this and not what Jeremy said about his wife and kids, but for that money, I would go forward. 

Ch 3

I feel like I’m half this woman when it comes to writing that is, to being an author. The rest of her is a little too depressing for me.

So Be It

  • ‘I’m here to discuss the first thing my baby ever stole from me.


I didn’t notice the theft at first.’

I had my suspicions that this one was coming, so when I read this line, I was like, really? It’s really that?

Co-dependent party of 1.

  • “You’re starting to show.”

“I am not.” I sucked in.”

Also saw this coming. Yes, Verity, when you’re pregnant, you get fat, it is part of the process. 

  • “I climbed into bed, waiting for the miscarriage.”

I mean, I knew she was crazy. I didn’t know she was that crazy. 

Side note

How much do you want to bet that she had the accident because she wanted her husband to take care of her and no one else? How much do you want to bet that she poisoned her own kids? 

And this, as I am 33% into the book

Ch 4 – So be it

  • ‘He looked good as a dad. Happy. Never mind that his happiness had little to do with me. But even in my jealousy, I could appreciate him.’

I mean, I know disturbed people can be like this. But he was happy with her for giving him children. 

Ch 7 (?)

  • ‘It’s like a train wreck and Jeremy doesn’t even realize he was mangled in the wreckage.’

Here’s a crazy thought for you, Lowen (?) Perhaps, maybe, you should tell him what you read and that his wife is freaking insane. And probably also faking her state.

Side note

If it turns out that the psychopath is Jeremy in some way, and he makes women fall for him because he has so much influence, then kudos to this writer. 

Well, sh**. I didn’t expect Jeremy to do it, but I’m not that surprised either. 

Ch 24

This guy is a freaking stud, he shoots, he scores and all that. 

Close to the End

  • “Because who would believe it was a lie? Certainly not someone who didn’t understand the writing process.”

Well, I don’t believe you, and I’m a writer. 


Before I finish reading this letter:

-who closed the door on them?

-she was standing by the stairs

-Crew fell and had a broken lip and there was a knife, what, he found it and she got mad?

-she told Crew not to talk to Lowen or answer questions about her (Verity).

– hold up, how exactly did she open a new Bank account? No one would alert Jeremy that there was a new bank account in her name?

-Even if he knew about it, so what? Doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been bat sh** crazy. 

After the end

More Spoilers

Really? That’s the end of the book? I’m not trying to justify them for what they did or anything, but I don’t believe a word of that letter, and if it was true, Verity was still crazy because no one would think of faking such injuries, brain damage or anything for so long. It’s insane. Even if you’re desperate, the moment she realised that he was moving on with his life, then why the hell didn’t she leave? Just for the manuscript? Go and hide, change your name and your life and start a new one, that is if she wasn’t all that crazy, but if she was, then I don’t believe that letter one bit.

Done with notes.

original cover verity

Free of Spoilers

And that was the up and downs of me reading Verity by Colleen Hoover. Honesty? She is a great writer, and you want to know what happens, but the undertone of the story it’s not for me. I didn’t feel it was that suspenseful or filled with mystery. I pretty much guessed half of the things that would happen, and I was thinking the whole time, is it going to be like that? It would be great if it gave a complete turn and it would leave me with my mouth open, but that didn’t happen, even at the end, which I know is one of the things that could be considered the plot twist, it didn’t feel that way for me because it didn’t seem all that plausible, to me it was more of her being manipulative and psychotic than actual truth.

I know, the point is that anyone, any reader, can interpret it as they want, so that’s my particular take on it. The question remains, have you read Verity? I did, and I recommend it, if, you like thrillers with a hint of romance. Don’t read if you are looking for a real HEA or a romance-filled book with darker tones, I don’t feel like this book falls in that category.

colleen hoover book verity

What I can say for sure is that I want to read All Your Perfects (another book by this author), I read the sample of chapter 1, and I wanted more of it, and thought, this is the Colleen I was picturing.

And that’s it for this book review, this one was interesting to write, and I hope you like it enough to share or comment, I appreciate it all. Thanks for sticking to the end, and I hope you pick a new book.

Happy reading! 🚣


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