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Hello, dearies!

A new page has been born.

Since I am sharing some of the books that I loved in the more adult setting, I decided to keep them all listed in one place, in case that you’re only interested in this genre. There are also the Fantasy/Romance, Dystopia, and Classics pages. All of these can be found on the Reviews by Genre page.

Thank you for always coming back, and I hope you find your next read here on the blog.


Also including fantasy, regency, new adult and historical romance. In no particular order.

  1. The Duke and I
  2. Voyeur Series
  3. The Drakon Series
  4. The Promise of Rain
  5. Intimate Enemies
  6. Seven Years to Sin
  7. A Rose in Winter
  8. The Last Mermaid
  9. 50 Shades of Grey
  10. A Lion’s Pride (Book 1-3)
  11. Obsession
  12. Outlander + Dragonfly in Amber
  13. Voyager + Drums of Autumn

And an extra, books that you should read if you read The Duke and I.

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