lion's pride

A Lion’s Pride – First Three

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Hello, dearies! How is December going? Mine is a bit cold and expecting it to be colder as the 24th approaches. 

This one will be short as the previous, sorry if I have been a little absent from social media and given quick reviews but work has been full-time, and sleep not so constant, yet, here we are again with another set of books.

I finished these three in a few days because they’re quite the quick read, oh yes, I just jumped in this time, don’t worry there are no spoilers on this. Anyway, A Lion’s Pride the Series by Eve Langlais are a fun read like most of Eve’s books, I have read tons by her, even though I don’t have the reviews here on the blog, they get me out of book-slumps, book-hangovers, and the sort, they made me get going and jump into other series.

This time, I read When an Alpha Purrs, When a Beta Roars, and When an Omega Snaps, the first three books in this series, which apparently has 13 books in the series and I just found out thanks to Goodreads, I thought there were just a few ones, around 6 or so well, I suppose I’ll have to put the others on my TBR, though they’re quick reads and you have a good laugh from time to time. That’s one of the things I like about Eve, she has some hilarious comments. Of these three, I actually liked the third one, When an Omega Snaps, I read it in a day but I enjoyed it more than the other two.

Like I said before, it’s short, I just thought to share these three and how her books get me going, laughing, reading, saying aww and the sort, if you want you can find the first one in the A Lion’s Pride series here: When an Alpha Purrs.

Do you know Eve’s books? If so then you know their good, and if not, then well, I hope you will like it. Have a nice read and day, dearies. Also, you can find me more often on Instagram

Happy reading!

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