Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“I should do whatever I can to live. Am I supposed to just die? Is it a crime … to want to live?”

moon lovers 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려

Original Title: 달의 연인 – 보보경심 려

Darui Yeonin – Bobogyeongsim Ryeo

Genres: Historial, Romance, Time Travel, Fantasy

Cast: Lee Joon-gi, IU, Kang Ha-neul, Kim San-ho, Hong Jong-hyun, Yoon Sun-woo, Byun Baek-hyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, Ji Soo

Hello, dearies! Happy Easter Week! 🐇

I wanted to do an entry on Moon Lovers since I finished it a while back because I fell hard for the story and the characters, and even though the finale was not my favourite, it was still a darn good drama.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s name came to me while I was watching an episode of Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything/Brother School), and IU and Lee Joon Gi were there as guests. It’s a great episode you should watch it.

So, I searched for it, and well, I couldn’t stop watching it. Let me tell you how this one goes.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Plot: Ha-jin travels 1000 years back in time and lands in the era of Goryeo Dynasty as a young girl named Hae-soo. Ha-jin, now trapped in another person’s body, becomes involved in a power struggle against various vicious contenders to the throne.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers is from 2016, so you might have watched it already, or if you’re like me and were looking for good historical romance dramas with great actors, then this is the one. I fell for it. And Joon-Gi made me go deep into the story.

The story takes us back to the past, as you have read on the plot, but once there, it doesn’t feel outdated or like it will drag on. I don’t know, perhaps it is that I like historical dramas like these, everything from 1000 years ago no matter the country fascinates me.

In the story, there is more than all the Princes and the one girl, but being realistic in the end is all that you follow.

The good thing about watching stories like this that are finished is that you can binge-watch it like a book series that is fully published. And talking about books, this story was adapted from a Chinese novel titled Bu Bu Jing Xin, which, if you know of an English version out there, send it my way. I’d love to read it.

So, I know I talked more about how I liked it than anything else, but I just had to say it. If you watched in the past or will watch it in the future, let me know, I’ll love to hear your thoughts too.

  • Darui Yeonin - Bobogyeongsim Ryeo
  • IU moon lovers scarlet heart
  • 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려
  • Iu Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Thank you for stopping by today, dearies! Life is looking up in April for me, so I feel happier than in other months. I’m currently re-reading Finale (Hush Hush #4) but it’s going slow, and I might pick up another book on the side, not because I don’t like this one but because I want to read more books this year.

That’s truly it for now, have a great Easter if you celebrate it, and if not, happy weekend! 📚 And Happy Reading! 🏹


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