The Keeper: A Stars Above Story

“It’s an unassuming name, but also . . . powerful. Because of where she came from.”

Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Book: Stars Above

Story: The Keeper

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Retellings, Short Stories

This will be short. 😆

So, I am slowly but surely making my way through the stories in Stars Above. I read it all in the wrong order, so don’t judge me. You can check my other reviews for it here.

This one, The Keeper, is the first story in the book. If you have ever read The Lunar Chronicles book 1 to 4, then you will probably be into reading this one. If you haven’t already.

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Most Tempting Books on my Shelf Challenge

‘Things that would one day lead to him buying his own spaceship. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. Just something simple and practical. Something that would belong to him and him alone. Then his dad would know just how focused and dedicated he was, right as he was getting the aces out of here.’
From Stars Above 4th Story

Hello, dearies! 📖

Here we are once more, another book challenge and this time about the books that are most tempting on my shelf. It was not easy to choose.

I decided on three that have been sitting on my shelf for some time, but I have every intention to read since I took the time of picking them from a shelf at a bookstore.

Here we go. 📌

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Find That Book Challenge

📚 Fun Book Challenge.
Today we have the Find That Book Challenge

Hello, dearies! I found this challenge on Instagram, posted by @speight_reads, which basically consists of finding a book 📚 in a certain category or description.

Here we go. 📖

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Stars Above – 1.5 and 3.1

The Queen’s Army and Carswell Guide to Being Lucky. Two stories that moved me in different ways.

Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Author: Marissa Meyer

This one will be short and sweet, just wanted to showcase these 2 stories in the Stars Above compilation.

This may contain spoilers for those who had not read any of The Lunar Chronicles books. Beware.

The Queen’s Army (The Lunar Chronicles #1.5)

While I love these books, there is also something very savage about the Lunar stories. Worst of them all is seeing what children in Luna go through, like with this one and what Ze’ev had to face.

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