Finale – Hush Hush Book 4

“Did you know, the first time I saw you, I thought: I’ve never seen anything more captivating and beautiful?”

finale book 4 hush hush

Saga: Hush Hush

Book: Finale


Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Genres: YA, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Fallen Angels

Hello, dearies!

It took me some time to write this one, but here I am. As promised.

I will give you the randomness of my thoughts as they came when I was reading Finale, so bear with me for a bit. You might enjoy the quotes and snippets from the book.

Fair warning, this post is full of spoilers if you haven’t read any of the books in the Hush Hush Saga, including this one, book 4, Finale.

For more insight, you might want to first read my revamped review of Books 1 – 3.

This is how it went while I was reading it.

Spoilers ahead.

melisandre red witch sp

Finale – Hush Hush Book 4

  • Ch 8 

So let me get this straight, Dante gives her some weird drink, then leaves, and Nora just tries to get home? I would have tried to retch the thing out, come on. If you felt horrible after drinking it, try to make it leave your system. 🤦

Stupid question spotted. ↪️

“Is the drink you gave me the same one you’ve been testing for Blakely?”

  • “Patch sat down beside me. Unlike usual, he didn’t lace his fingers through mine.

I tried not to let it bother me, but a lump caught in my throat.”

I mean, Nora, you could take that step, you know? Grab his hands, touch him if that’s what you want, you’re in a relationship after all…

  • “Don’t say a word,” Blakely hissed in my ear. Tears glistened in my eyes. Blakely was using one arm to pin me, but the other held a blade, and I felt it bite into my skin, a few inches above my hip.’

You know your Nephilim, and you won’t die, right? 

After, I mean, she didn’t know the knife had devilcraft but still. 

  • ‘I didn’t want to possess the fallen angel, but at the same time, I needed to give Patch as much information as possible about how the process worked. We couldn’t solve a problem we didn’t understand.’

Is that really was going on, Nora? Because you’re getting on my nerves, and it doesn’t look like you want to fight any of what Dante is saying. 

  • “Maybe I should let it go. Maybe this said a lot about my insecurities,”

It does say a lot about that. 

  • “This is my boyfriend’s house, which makes that my line, exclusively.”

Things like this remind me that Nora is a teenager, no matter how tough and adult she wants to act. 

  • Ch 29 

After it ended, and the whole thing with Dante. I was reading and saying, he is lying because this is crazy. But then, he was actually telling the truth and even though he is right, he is still a traitor. And Nora is now going to realise just how the addiction affected her, which I saw coming from chapters ago. 

And I completely forgot about all of these details from the first time I read this book. 

  • “I wanted to impress him just the same. An idiotic voice inside my head questioned whether Dabria would have made the same mistake. Doubtful.”

At least she knows it is idiotic.

finale book cover

Alright, done with the play-by-play.

How was it? I did like the Hush Hush saga this second time around; it’s amazing how you can forget details as the years go by but still know that you like a book. I thought that if I read this saga, I would be disappointed and wouldn’t like it as much as the first time, but I did. Not to the same extent, but I enjoyed and had some heart-throbbing moments with Patch.

As for Finale, it took a while to finish it, compared to the first three books, but it was because I knew how it would end, despite me not remembering all that happened in the middle of the book. I would recommend this saga all over, if you like fallen angels, romance, YA, and fantasy, then yes, go ahead. Read it. Enjoy it. Fall for Patch. 💖

 I want to spoil you — every kiss, every touch, every thought, they all belong to you. I’ll make you happy. Every day, I’ll make you happy.”

alternative german cover finale - hush hush

That’s it, dearies! Thank you for sticking to the end, I hope you enjoyed this one, and that you will re-read Hush Hush or read it for the first time.

Happy Reading! 🌠


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