Ghosts of the Shadow Market: The Lost World


Book: Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Authors: Cassie Clare 

Genre: Pain, YA, more sorrow

Some of these reviews are way quicker than others, not only because they are short stories but also because I was not entirely stopping on all of them to jot down my thoughts, so things slip a bit out of my grasp when I actually write the review but be advised there might be some spoilers here, for those who don’t know much about the Shadow World. There are way too many books on it (which is great), and I’m grateful that I have read most of them. The Eldest Curses is the only big one that I’m missing right now.

Anyway, this is about The Lost World, and how it utterly caught me and made go back to TDA. My thoughts just after I finished it reading are next.


Oh boy! Had she done it now, by the drawing, the art at the beginning of the story, I guessed it was Livvy, coming right after Alec, Jem and Tessa, and what we know of the cold peace, and what happened in TDA, I was sort of guessed that this story was set after Queen of Air and Darkness, what I didn’t expect was to meet Ty at the Scholomance of all places, and realise how this could be a totally awesome new set of books, if they decided to do that because we all know that there are un-resolved business with Kit, the Fairies, and all that we lived through in The Dark Artifices.

But this was too much for my poor heart and at the same time, I was so into the story that time stopped by, because I was back with Ty, even if the rest of the Blackthorns were not there with him. 6 months after TDA this is it, and yet it felt like it was a month ago for him, this was truly brought back all the stories, the pain, the sadness of losing Livvy, and the heartwarming delight of reading even about one Blackthorn, though it was mostly from Livvy’s view, it makes sense because it was about how the darkness could take her if she is not close to Ty, and even though I hated when she died, at some point this bond they share should be broken, because she was gone and necromancy is not a good thing, as we know, as they know. I perfectly understand why Ty did it, why Kit tried to stop him, why Livvy would do it as well, but the next stories ought to have more of a solution, more than Magnus given them the Heron pendant (which Kit, totally sent as a sign of love to Ty, and also I want one) to summon him if they need him.

I cannot wait for more about this.


blackthorn lost world

I think that pretty much sums up the whole story, other than it was mostly Livvy being a ghost, sorry if that’s spoiler for some of you but I did warn you at the beginning of this post. I thought it was so unfair what happened to Livvy but then again, it seemed that it was meant to happen one way or another. And well, her family is not crazy like another Blackthorn that was not a Blackthorn, years and years ago and would have done anything to bring her back, not saying that Ty is crazy, I perfectly understand him, I’m babbling about another story in the Shadow World, one that I just finished and will be writing about soon.

That’s it, I honestly, believe that Ghosts of the Shadow Market should be read after The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, maybe read The Bane Chronicles first too, and then read, after all of this, Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) and The Red Scrolls. Actually, The Red Scrolls should be after The Dark Artifices specifically. Too many books and stories, I know. But they are great stories, and each so unique.

Question, have you read any of the books? Which one was your favourite? Which Shadowhunter and/or Downworlder is the one for you?

I hope you have been enjoying this one, and all the others of the series, I will continue to update and post about the Shadow World for a little bit because it was my most recent reads, but afterwards, will come one about Cress (The Lunar Chronicles 3). That took longer than I thought.

Thanks for sticking to the end, and also be on the lookout for more lists of books under $5.


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