When You See Me

Cuando Me Veas

Original Title: Cuando Me Veas

Author: Laura Gallego

Genres: YA, Drama, Fiction

I feel I must warn you that this one is full of Spoilers, as in I will immediately tell you what happened at the end of the book, because it got stuck in my mind and I could not stop replaying it. So if you want to read this book at some point, I do not suggest you read this, only know that it is good and I absolutely recommend it, since most (All) of Laura’s books that I have read in my life are so freaking good, that it is unbelievable. Like: Idhun’s Memories.

Now, let us begin with some details about the book, and once again, there are spoilers ahead.

The Book

I do know exactly when, the authors started to think that killing the main character of a book was such a wonderful idea. I do not share this believe, whether it be for the greater good, the sacrifice the characters feel they need to make, or whatever other unspecified reason. I read this book with so much engrossment that it was incredible even to me, but by the end of it and how she died I was speechless, I could not believe what had happened.

Alright, let me talk about a bit about the plot. When You See MeCuando Me Veas, it is about a young girl in High School, who discovers she has an incredible ability, she can turn herself invisible and this she soon starts to use to help others, I support her and think it is amazing, but the problem was, that she thought herself unbeatable, nothing could touch her, she thought, and then she paid the price for it, that is what I have a problem with at the end of the day.

cuando me veas review

The Characters

  • Valentina Reyes
  • Rodrigo
  • Salima
  • Alexis

Tina or Valentina, is our main character and she is the one to suffer the most in the book. Salima is her best friend, and Rodrigo, well, let us say he has a kind of ‘boy next door’ feel, for lack of a better way of describing him. Alexis, is the one we want to be left out of the picture, or be left in a ditch somewhere (sorry, if that is a little too dark).

I think that is it, other than I like it this book, and that there are some racial issues and dramatics in it (which I cannot testify to, deny or agree  to because I do not live in Spain), the book really captures your attention. Laura is one of my favourite Spanish authors, I think my one and only favourite author in Spanish, so I do not know if I am being a little partial to her or not. Oh well! I should cut it short and leave it at that. I liked the book.

This one is not an English, or at least I could not find a copy of it; it is in Spanish and Catalan, in case you know any of those two languages I will leave the links for you at the end. Thank you for sticking to the very end of my ramblings and I hope you pick up this book if you know some Spanish. Happy reading!

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