Fitzwillian Darcy, Gentleman

fitzwiliam darcy gentleman books

Author: Pamela Aidan

Trilogy: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman 

I hate doing this, but I have to because you must know what it is like to read it, to have expectations about a book or books and then be disappointed, because by the end of this trilogy I was very disappointed.

Let us begin.

Part I

This is from my Goodreads reviews: I liked it enough to give it a 4 but there was something missing, and I enjoyed it enough to continue reading the others but there were some turns that did not quite convince me. However if you are a fan of P&P and Darcy then you probably want to read this one.

Everything was kind of fine and alright on the first, when I wrote that I meant it and then… well, you are about to find out.

Goodreads: An Assembly Such as This #1

Part II

Duty and Desire. I am going to be honest, I think this was the one where Darcy when someplace else, to another universe that was far from being PP; I do get it, that it was book two and this was telling us “what happened” when he was away, when they left Netherfield Park and went to London and other places. However, even though I knew that, the author went a little too far, there were moments that I smiled, went cross-eyed, or snorted because of some amusing comment or something, I admit it, but it was not enough to make me read it at a normal pace, I literally read as fast as I could, until I could make it to the last one to see if it would go back on track.

Book #2: Duty and Desire



Part III

These Three Remain. What 3 remain, I could not tell you, because I do not remember to be totally honest and if I do not remember it is because it was not clear.

We kind of went back to the spirit of the book, as I said before, I do not like doing this kind of post, where I do not have much to say or anything good; and let me tell you by the end of the trilogy I was very disappointed to the point, that I do not remember what happened exactly, I know that I finished and I was like: meh, sure. I am sorry for the author, I just could not help it, and it did not make me go immediately to my phone, notepad, laptop or any writing implement, to put in my thoughts for a review, like The Darkest Star is making me do every 2 chapters, that book is turning out to be so good. But these 3 were not the best I have ever read.

Book #3: These Three Remain


So here we are, I will not say “Do not read it” because if you want to, you can, of course, but I would not read it a second time.

That is it I believe, thank you for stopping by and reading about how I did not completely enjoy a book, it does tend to happen from time to time, though I prefer to read books that swallow me and do not let me leave until they want to like Pride and Prejudice, of course.

If you know this trilogy let me know in the comments, and if you want any of the books, I left you the links for each one at the end of each part just now, you can go back and take a look. That is it, dearies. Happy Reading!


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