The Lost Book of the White

“If I only jumped when I knew where I was going to land, I would never jump at all.”

Series: The Eldest Curses #2

Authors: Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

Genres: Fantasy, Not so YA but some, Drama, Urban Fantasy, LGBT, Paranormal, Romance

5 bright glowing ⭐

Hello, dearies! 🧭

Prepare for some fangirling of epic proportions.

And maybe a bit of rambling too.

The Lost Book of The White takes us forward in time or further (way further) than The Red Scrolls of Magic, which I recommend you first read City of Bones before diving into that one, although it is not necessary.

So, I loved book 2 of The Eldest Curses, does that come across? Sometimes I don’t know if it really does. But I did, and it took me a while to write this one because… life, so my memories are a bit far away.

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The Red Scrolls of Magic

‘If Alec’s feelings did not last, Magnus at least wanted this trip to be a good memory.’

Book 1 in The Eldest Curses Series

Authors: Cassie Clare & Wesley Chu

Genres: Awesome, YA, Supernatural, Shadowhunter, Magic, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Drama, Vacation

5 glowing ⭐

Finally, but how I wished it would continue.

Hello, dearies! 😍

Because when in doubt or in a reading slump turn to the shadow world, and they will make your life better. Lighter. Heart throbbing. Beautifully well-written, better.

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