Simon Lewis


Well, I never thought I would do one about Simon, that’s for sure.

World: Shadowhunters

Solo books: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Sorry about this but there will be Spoilers about Simon’s life if you only know his story from The Mortal Instruments.

For the night is dark and full of spoilers. Apologies, had to say it again.

Simon in TMI

I did not like Simon on TMI, like I thought he was one annoying human when he was a vampire though, I kind of let him slight because he was dealing with it all, and I know Izzy and Maia thought he was great and actually, then, I thought: Huh, okay, Simon is alright. But he was not my favourite.

He did not appeal to me, I cannot explain it but here’s the weird thing, afterwards, it all suddenly changed, and it was not in City of Heavenly Fire, though I felt for Izzy when she just had to let him go, and how he lost his memories and all, and gave out his immortality, all cool things but he was just Simon.


Simon on his Own

Now, it took me a while to read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy because, again, I was not convinced about it all being about Simon Lewis, so I read it last and discovered a whole lot of things about other awesome characters and actually loved some of the short stories, but the shocking part was this, Simon became suddenly appealing, he was still a bit annoying but by the end of it all, when he ascended, I had a new view of Simon, I could tolerate him and actually, understand why Izzy (being a total badass) could be with him, they do match, and they make a great couple, and I loved the story behind Simon’s new name, I am not going to say, to leave a little mystery here and not spoil everything so utterly for anyone who wants to read TFTSA.

Simon in TDA

He was briefly on The Dark Artifices but it did not bother me, and it was nice reading about other Shadowhunters, the ones that grew up, the adult versions are just that, versions, deep down they are still cool and the same as when we read The Mortal Instruments.

And that, children, is one of the instances where you say: this is how you write a character. Because I went from thinking that Simon was annoying, to not liking him, to tolerating him, to thinking ‘Fine, Simon, you’re alright‘, to liking him and actually enjoying the stories in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, I was turned completely by him, and by the end of the stories there, I really thought: Yes, that was a great move and awesome sentiment, this, if you know what happened at the end of TFTSA.

That’s really it, I have talked more about Simon than I originally thought I would. If you are looking to read more about him, then I’ll leave a couple of links below.

Thank you for sticking to the end, readers. And happy reading!

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