5 Quotes from Books We Love

I was just thinking about all the wonderful quotes from books that I love and decided to share a couple (alright, not a couple but 5) with you lads and lasses, simply to make your day and see if we share the same tastes today.

Honestly we may love many quotes from many books, so choosing only 5 is kind of difficult but if you want more, you can always go to my Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook and find more there, I might not post daily but there are some quotes there that I think you will want to share. Oh! Also my Tumblr, either in Spanish or English.

mia and adam

Ok, ok. The 5 Quotes from Books… Mostly from fantasy books but also one from a romance book because those have wonderful moments as well. Here we go.

“But if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have met you” 

Patch Cipriano – Hush Hush Saga

“You don’t share me, you own me.” 

Adam Wilde – Where She Went 

“You could give me the past,” he said a little sadly. “But Alec is my future.” 

Magnus Bane – City of Fallen Angels

“I’m charming by nature.”

Kit – The Smoke Thief

“How nice to see you in the physical world at last.” 

Professor Trelawney


And I think I will leave it like this for the moment, the last one is just a funny one from HP but it is worth it, and I bet you will be sharing it, perhaps. Thank you for stopping by and reading some of my stuff. You can stick around some more and read some reviews if you like those, perhaps find a book or two to add to your to-read list.

Have a nice day or night, dear reader.


And I apologise before hand because in many of the post you will find some spoilers and also a link that says goes to my Tumblr in Spanish but it actually directs to my blog in Spanish and this was completely unintentionally. Sorry.

Keep Calm Magnus


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Book Reviewer. Indie Author. ✍️ Book lover. RedBubble Artist. Dragon Rider. Slytherin. 🐍 E.L.F 💎

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