Shadowhunters Season 2

Episodes 01 to 05

Alright, here we go!

First let me eat a piece of chocolate and relax for a sec, then we will start this off…

Ok, I’m good to go!

It was all going so well, Shadowhunters was back, everyone looks AMAZING, the new characters are all very nice and then… Episode 4 happened! And my reaction was not normal, I spent the rest of that ep wondering what was going on and why were they doing such a thing, and then it was over and then Episode 5 happened and I did not know whether to wait for Malcolm Fade to appear at any moment or for the Angel to suddenly burst into the screen and awe us with its presence, alas none of that happened. Now, from here on there might be some major spoilers if you have not read the books or watched the show ever, so I suggest some caution.

Just to be clear: All that I write next is for the good of letting it all out of my mind and chest but I love Shadowhunters the show and all its actors and actresses.

Beware of producers killing of perfectly good characters and important ones, and those that even though we know she knew Jace was not Jonathan the first time she laid eyes on him on the book, we still let it all pass in the show, and so, Jocelyn was no more, killed in a freaky demonic attack that did not even made that much sense, since as far as I know all Shadowhunters are protected against demonic possession from the day they are born, more or less, even Clary has such protection, and the only one that didn’t, for a time, was Jace after (I assume you read the books) he was reborn.


Yes, I said this was from episodes 1 to 5, but the first episodes were perfectly alright and all, and then all hell broke loose, almost, nearly literally, and here we are talking again about how they murdered Jocelyn through Alec, and then they almost brought her back but couldn’t because that would be dark magic, hence my thoughts on Malcolm for a sec (Lady Midnight reference). Of course, the other option is that Jace will not die at the hands of Valentine, and when Clary changes Valentine’s name for hers and summons the Angel, she will ask for her mother back, right? No? Just me? So far it is the only solution I see possible because they cannot simply kill Jocelyn Fairchild unless the actress does not want to be on the show, then that would be it.


And so we all wait for Alec and Magnus’ first date and we will see how Alec starts having his little jealousy and existential problems! And how would he ever go and talk with Camille about Magnus now? I guess we will never know that, or maybe he will go and talk to Raphael instead. *rolling my eyes*


As for Will Tudor playing Sebastian, you did not think I forgotten, did you? Of course I didn’t! But there is not much to say until we see how well Will plays our favourite villain, the one we love to hate, and the one that some love for real, and the one we always imagined would have been a great brother but he didn’t have the chance.

That is all, Angels. I hope you enjoyed this little post, that turned out to be mostly my complaints on Jocelyn’s death and the crazy way she died… you can check out more of my ramblings here on the blog and you will find a lot of Shadowhunters and The Shadow World related posts, what can I say? I am a fan!



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