And While We Were Here (Movie Special)

I don’t normally do this, and it isn’t because this is the greatest movie I have seen in my life but I wanted to share it… And also it isn’t just because Jamie Blackley is in it, which was why I saw the movie I admit but the more I watched, the more I felt like sharing a bit about And While We Were Here, 2012 film.

It stars: Kate BosworthJamie Blackley, Iddo Goldberg.

I just finished watching this movie, today: I rather not say when I saw the movie… I hope to post this soon enough.

That said, it caught me, it called to me and I could feel the inner struggle of this woman, Jane (Kate Bosworth), it isn’t because she is married and enters an affair with a younger man, I think it was more about the fact she was a writer struggling with inspiration and a way of finishing a book… and I wanted to see what else happened in her life.

About Jamie

Sorry, I mean, About the Movie 

Of course, Jamie, being there helped tons and I wouldn’t have seen the movie if it weren’t for him but what I am trying to say or where I’m going with this is that you know a movie is relatively good, when it makes you feel something, it has a purpose and it doesn’t stray from that path, that is what writing and script-writing should be about… being clear, being able to catch the reader or viewer (films, TV shows), I say this because I have seen at least two other movies recently that made no sense whatsoever in their scripts, I liked them in general but the story was jumping from one thing to the next.

and while we were here

How do you like something that doesn’t have a clear meaning or rather purpose? I truly hope that never happens to me, I know we (writers) straight sometimes and begin to talk about other stuff, like I am doing because I started with the movie but still, in the end there has to be a point to it all, if not, then why bother?

Let’s go back to the point, the movie was… I wouldn’t say the most amazing film in the world, but I do recommend it and if you are a fan of Jamie like I am, then you are really going to like it. And half of the time, you will want Jane to go with the younger kid and be fantasying about a life such as theirs, and by the end of it… you will say: Yeap! That was the right choice. Well I think I have reached the end of this, and I truly hope you follow my little advice and watch this movie, and if you agree then you can leave me a comment.
and-while-we-were-here-jamie kate


I am posting a week later meaning I saw the movie days ago, but it has been mental these past few months with my muggle job, but I am trying to come back on track and I truly hope to return to the light. There isn’t much to say anymore, so I am going to leave it at that, if you want more posts like this about movies, let me know and you can follow me in my twitter for news and I hope you have a nice day, night, midday, midnight, depending on what part of the world you are 🙂

Cheers and thank you for sticking to the end!

I’m leaving the trailer right here, in case you want to check it!

And While We Were Here Trailer


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