The Bane Chronicles: Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale

“The marvelous thing about being a creature of the night,” she confided in a low voice, “is that one need never wear anything but evening clothes.”
Camille Belcourt

vampires scones edmund herondale book review

The Banes Chronicles Book 3

Authors: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

Genre: YA, fantasy, Short Story, Paranormal

Here we are once again, dearies! I trust all is going well on your end, and you’re enjoying these tidbits on The Bane Chronicles, or perhaps my other reviews, they’re all on the main page, as you might know.

Now, we’re on the 3rd story in The Bane Chronicles, the one where we see vampires and Herondales, and scones too. I will always enjoy a good Herondale story, but this one was set in 1857 when even Charlotte Fairchild was a young girl, and that just makes you think how old Magnus really is, but no matter, we already knew that.

So, this one is a little about the Accords, or at least that’s what they were trying to do, and meanwhile, we meet another Herondale, and how he’s a little like the rest of them, they’re all passionate and a bit crazy, so it runs in the family, as we know.

the bane chronicles book 3

One of the best things about reading what Magnus was about during all those years in the past is the quotes (and the things we learn of the Shadow World), Magnus always has something witty or insightful to say. I mean, check out this gem.

“I have very few rules in life, but one of them is to never decline an adventure.
The others are: to avoid becoming romantically entangled with sea creatures; to always ask for what you want, because the worst thing that can happen is embarrassment but the best thing that can happen is nudity; to demand ready money up front; and to never play cards with Catarina Loss.”


It’s not just about what he is, but that he also gives you a piece of information to make it extra interesting.

international cover bane chronicles

Alright, the question that I’m always curious about is, have you read The Bane Chronicles? Any of the stories in it? You really should, they’re the perfect companion to The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices too, and everything is related in the shadow world, so you cannot go wrong knowing a little more about it.

Oh, another thing, you eventually end up liking Herondales, for whatever reason, they have that something.

“What am I?” he asked. “I am Edmund Herondale, and, my lady, I am always and forever at your service. If you will have me.”


What can I say? I like old-fashioned pick-up lines.

And because I love you all, beautiful readers, I’ll leave you the first page of this short story. Maybe you’ll be inspired to read it.

ch 1 bane chronicles 1857

That’s it for now! Keep in touch for more, dearies.

Happy Reading! 💞


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