The Fiercest Joy


Author: Shana Abé

Book 3 in The Sweetest Dark Trilogy. And book 8 in the Drakon world. Probably the numbers will change if Shana decides to write extra books about this story, this wonderful world she has created cannot be described in mundane words, it is too wonderful and so full of magic but I will do my best to convince you.

If you have read my previous post about these series (The Sweetest Dark) then you might be prepared for what it is coming now. It is all about the magic, and the drakon; it might be short but it will be sincere. Here it is.

The Book

Fresh from the end of the book, these were my thoughts:

I just finished The Fiercest Joy by Shana Abé, an author that has given me so many emotions since I found the first book I ever read by her, The Smoke Thief, and here is the last book about all the dragons and the end simply left me in the air, it seemed as there was no end at all. It looks as if she wants to carry on with their story, I know I would.


I liked this book a lot but if the addendum at the very end is any indication, we are going back to the beginning or close enough, we are going to know what happened with the 1st Drakon.

End of the middle of the night thoughts, after finishing the book. If I am to be believed then this was one heck of a book, I did enjoy it and I think everyone who likes dragons, romance and a bit of fun, then this is the kind of books they should be reading.

The Characters

  • Eleonore, if you already the other two books in the trilogy then you know how she is, the kind of person who makes you want to go inside the book and shake her until she reacts, I actually think she is kind of cool.
  • Mandy, he is so him, some would say that he does not do much in the books but by the end of The Fiercest Joy, he demonstrated to have a couple of aces under his sleeve and can indeed defend himself and others pretty well.
  • Jesse, we had a couple of insights from him and every time he appeared I would either scream from joy, cry a little bit at the injustice or simply fall for him, all over again.

We met other Drakon in this book, some which led us to big questions: Did the they went crazy over the years? Was the air up in the mountains somehow not enough and that is why they went crazy?

I may be exaggerating just a tad, but they did seem a little extreme and we finally understood what happened years back with another character from the previous books. It is difficult not to say a thing about a book but I can say this, you will love them.


The Drakon world, those book, are just too good to be true. I really admire Shana’s writing, she is one of my favourite authors in case you had not noticed that fact before but I really do hope to make readers feel about a book, they way she makes me feel, completely and utterly fascinated.

I believe that is all, I hope you stayed until the end and that you wish you could have this book in your hands. Don’t forget to let me know if you liked it and to let others know about it.

Happy reading and have a nice day or night.



Author: Sela O.

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