Special Edition: About Shadowhunters TV Cast…

I simply have to do this… Because if I don’t, then I might explode… We love The Immortal Instruments and we (fans) are hoping for the TV Series to begin in 2016, and while we do that…. Nothing, there is only this ‘at the edge of your seat’ feeling that won’t go away. The have casted some good actors, I might not agree with All of their choices but I am determined to give them all the benefit of the doubt, well there is one with whom I don’t have to do that because I am certain he’ll be great. If you haven’t read the books, I shall remind you to do so immediately because I am not holding back here…


Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende will be our star and her childhood friend (I’m sorry is that spoiler? Don’t think so everyone should have read the books by now, at least one); Dominic Sherwood (Benefit of the doubt), Emeraude Toubia (BOTD), and Matthew Daddario will be portraying our lovely group of young Shadowhunters siblings (Again… this is for the fans). And Harry Shum Jr. (The one I look forward to…) will be portraying, bringing to life, making us think that a hot warlock from Brooklyn is possible, Harry as Magnus Bane, which I admit make me very happy in case you didn’t notice, I have high hopes for Harry I think he will be awesome…

Now with the rest of the cast that are confirmed to appear in this first season in January 2016… Luke Garroway: Isaiah Mustafa. Jocelyn Fray: Maxim Roy. Valentine Morgenstern: Alan van Sprang. Hodge Starkweather: Jon Cor. Raphael Santiago (Finally Raphael, big part and no part in the disastrous attempt of movie?) David Castro. And Camille Belcourt (Also big part) Kaitlyn Leeb. Oh! And for Valentine, a little something for the ones who don’t know Alan, he was in The Tudors and Reign, in The Tudors was next to previous Valentine (movie) Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has great, one of the few good things in the movie.

I am looking forward to ABC’s Shadowhunters as many others must be… and I do hope fans keep the show and that they know how to play their cards and have great scripts and perhaps not go completely mental like another certain shows based on books… Vampire Diaries (unbelievable I don’t even watch it)… and nowadays, Game of Thrones (slightly more tolerable, I am making peace with it).

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to visit often for more amazing stuff about books and reviews. Also for my views on the TMI’s books here’s the link: The Mortal Instruments City of Heavenly Fire   And to know who I love in books, you might want to check out this: Characters Competition

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