Take Me Tomorrow


Author: Shannon Thompson

​“Tomorrow can take me.”​ Truest words spoken and we knew it was going to be good.

Take Me Tomorrow a truly different twist in the dystopian genre.

Let it be known, I am not encouraging drug use because we all know that’s bad for your health, but wouldn’t we want to take a pill that would show you the future? Or at the very least, a glimpse of it?

The Book

I confess at first it took me some time to get a move on, meaning I had other books in mind and didn’t read a lot of this one but after some time it really started to grasp my attention and I became a bit addicted to it, I wanted to know once and for all what the heck was going on.

Shannon Thompson truly knows how to keep you in suspense, and even though you think you know what’s going to happen or if you guessed something, there’re other moments in the book where you say: What The F…?????

I have to say that dystopian novels are not my first choice when it comes to reading or writing (I prefer fantasy), and perhaps that’s why it took me a while to finish the book but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good because it is. And when you get it for free as in, a gift from the author and a request to make a review then you feel kind of on a cloud, hey! For me it was a big deal. So thank you for asking Shannon, I truly enjoyed reading about a cute Guy with some trouble and a female character that didn’t make me want to get my hand inside the screen of my phone and shake her.


The Characters


Like I just said, one of the few heroine who doesn’t take Sh*** from anyone and she kicks ass… from the start. Let’s be honest most of the women in this era of books or the YA, and of the sort, go through 3000 things before they realise, they have to fend for themselves and not make gooey eyes and think of themselves as un-pretty; come on, tell me it doesn’t make you want to screen in frustration? If the answer is no, then you’re lying.

Some spoilers from here on… read if you have already read T.M.T

SpoilerAlert- eachpage


What can I say about charming, enchanting Noah? I think I just did. From the start I knew he was the main character, how could I not, when he had a note with Sophia’s address? This is why, I spent the rest of the book looking for the really cute guy and sometimes I would say: Sophie, come on! You like him, I know it, he knows it, and the author knows it. But in any case, it was cool reading about him. No matter what facet of him we got.

As usual, I was drawn to him and couldn’t quite focus on the rest of the male characters, there could have been 100’s on them dancing around and I still would have looked for Noah Tomery, he is the main after all, even if he is an addict. I can’t really blame him for being one, you can see the future? You take the freaking pill because you know it will work.

Yes, drugs are bad, I know that and truly don’t recommend any of them but I didn’t see Tomo as such, more like a way of glancing at your destiny, what tomorrow would bring. You are probably thinking I would be an addict but I wouldn’t be.

 As for the rest of the book and characters, turns out… everyone knew everything, except for Sophie and me, and you… if you have read.

The plot is interesting and I recommend you read the book or re-read if you didn’t like it at first. It is not typical and Sophie is definitely different from the rest of the 16 year-old main characters in other books, so you won’t be like: Oh! This is just another YA Dystopian, it isn’t. Well, I haven’t read one like this before so I think that says something.

I think this is one of the longest reviews I have done so far, I didn’t realize I have a lot to say. But everything comes to an end, and here we are; I hope you read it again or read this one because you liked what I said, something among the ‘nonsenses’ I spilled here.

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I hope you come back, have a nice day or night! And happy reading!

Extras Take Me Tomorrow 

Take Me Tomorrow

Sophia and Argos
Sophia and Argos

This little something was taken from the author’s page.

P.S.: if you are reading this and you want to help a friend or family member, please:

Get Help!:  If you or someone you know is in trouble with alcohol or drugs, (What to Look For), get help.  Don’t wait.  You are not alone.” From the NCADD and in Venezuela: ONA


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