The Time Traveler’s Wife


Author: Audrey Niffenegger

 This one is difficult for me… because I could write only a couple of words and be done with it. Such as: I love this book or I like the movie.

The problem comes to whether you have read the book or watched the movie at some point. I think I’ll go with: This might Contain Spoilers, if you read something you don’t know don’t blame me. You’ve been warned!

About The Time Traveler’s Wife

I love it, every part of it. Even when I spent almost the whole book playing catch up with the author and the darned jumps she kept making from past to present to future, I still loved every page. Reading from Clare’s POV you can’t help but fell for Henry, through her eyes he is this wonderful, loving, tender, protective guy, which you end up wanting and liking even against your inner wishes.

I read the book after seeing the movie and I saw the movie because of Rachel McAdams, she’s an amazing actress so much so, that she sold me Clare, I wanted to read the book half-way through the movie and to my utter surprise, it was brilliant. When you have time traveling, romance and a bit sarcastic comments in one book, then you are good to go.


Main Characters

Let us talk about Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble.

Clare is awesome. No, really, if you look into one my previous posts you can see that she’s one of the few in my list of female characters that I don’t have a problem with. And Henry DeTamble? Well he’s Henry and he is alright, he’s cute and all. What makes the book great, it’s not just the characters on their own accord, is the story. Can you imagine what’s like to meet someone at a young age because he travels through time and then marry him? And know that person for so long that you can’t do anything about it or more like you don’t want to? It is a very different love story and I personally love to read it and watched.

There’s this line in the book that describes it completely: I never chose Henry, and he never chose me. So how could it be a mistake?

Audrey really summoned up and assembled a book that actually has you so engrossed in it that you kind of lose yourself to everything else, you don’t have that with all books, and usually I skim the parts of a book that hold zero interest to me… I’m not proud of it but it is the true; however, if for instance a book is really great or you like it a lot, then you want to know every little thing about it, that is what a good book should do.

It all comes down to whether or not the author knew how to keep you engaged in the book, I want to give that to people someday.

Back to The Time Traveler’s Wife, you should read it if you haven’t and you should watch the movie because Rachel is great, even when there are many things which they changed it is still nice, the book of course is twice better.

Hope you liked this one, short as it was, shared with friends. Read some of my other stuff here in the blog or read some of my short stories on that link you just saw. That’s it, cheers! And happy reading!


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