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First and foremost the best of the best, Pride and Prejudice I will not even put it on the list because it is a must. The rest of the books on this list are books that I have been meaning to read for ages but have not quite gotten around to do; also there are some that I have read in the past at least once and thought you should read as well because that is the point here. 😄

Here’s a quick list of all the books that are considered classics and not, maybe Jane Austen’s is leading the list but she was good and her books and movies about her books are really good.


List of Classics and/or Novel of Manners

1)     Jane Eyre (Want to read)

2)     Weathering Heights

3)     Emma

4)     Persuasion

5)     Sense and Sensibility

6)     Hamlet

7)     Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

8)    Through the looking glass and what Alice found there

9)     The Time Machine

10)  The Alchemist

11)  Interview with the Vampire

For now, I leave it at that, or I will be here all day listing books. I’d like to add that I had no idea “Novel of Manners” was an actual genre, I found out while reading some facts about Pride and Prejudice. If you have read them leave me a comment or share, either way, is good.


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