Stitches by Shawn Mendes and Where She Went (My view)

Am I the only who listens this song and automatically thinks about Where She Went? Really, I don’t know why that book made such an impression on me, even more than If I Stay which was good, of course, but Where She Went was another level of good, maybe because it was Adam, I don’t know.

But you do know, he wrote an entire album for Mia, when she left, spoiler back there sorry, I assume that if you are reading this then you read the book and have heard the song Stitches by Shawn Mendes, which I might add (admit) I hadn’t heard before but all I could think about while listening to it, was Adam wrote songs similar to this one, at least the name is, if you have read the book then you know there is a song in Collateral Damage (Yes, the fictional album on the book by Shooting Star wrote by Adam Wilde), that is called ‘Stitch’

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