The Nothing Man: Review?

“Fiction only really worked if it was built like a lattice through which you were repeatedly offered glimpses of absolute truth.”

the nothing man book kindle edition

Author: Catherine Ryan Howard 

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Adult, Suspense


Hello, dearies! 📝

Here’s another I wouldn’t have picked up from a shelf on a trip to the bookstore, yet I read it.

The Nothing Man is one of those books that didn’t have my full attention until about sixty per cent of it was already behind me.

I could have left it on the side, I could have stopped reading long before that half mark, but I pushed on, and I am sorry for those who are fans, but it didn’t amount to much at the end.

By the time it was supposed to turn and give you a twist or something, I was already thinking, this is what will happen next, and that will be this way and so on, because the end of it was being said already from that halfway point on.

the nothing man catherine howard

But The Nothing Man, let me give you some more to it, not spoiler but a little bit, maybe?

Well, you read the book within the book basically, and the author inside the book will tell her story of what happened to her when she was young, and a serial killer murdered her family. But, you will also meet him and read from his point of view, and while at it, you will most likely guest the end of the book, and I’m sorry, but that just takes from the fun of it all, a book shouldn’t be that predictable, should it?

Well, in my particular case, I like to be surprised and to be kept on the edge of my seat, and you know which books that for me best? The Fantasy ones, and sometimes not even that but YA, drama, Romance and all of it thrown in there, and you will get me to laugh, cry, guess, be shocked and outraged and want to throw the book across the room.

I know that we all have different tastes and this one is not my main genre, I know it, yet here I am reading another one like this, putting that aside, this one was not my favourite, but perhaps you will love it, as I always say and agree with others, not every book is for everyone.

the nothing book original

I give points to this author for how she wrote this one, she did well. But I wouldn’t want to re-read it.

Oh, and also, the only time I wanted to throw this book across the room was when they were describing how things were moved around a home or stuff disappeared, who would justify so much about something like that? I would either think is a ghost or another living person is in my house, I can be forgetful for sure, but it went too far in the book with the justification.

“That room was an airlock between my life as I knew it and my life as I feared it would be from now on.”

That’s it for this one, I carried on more than I thought I would, but it usually happens when I get a little riled up and start rambling a bit.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this sort of review, and if you read The Nothing Man or will read it in the future the doors to the comments are always open, just no major spoilers, I appreciate it.

“Jim opened the book. Its spine cracked loudly, like a bone.”

Catherine Ryan Howard, The Nothing Man

Happy Reading! 🚓


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