Shadowhunters E07 Major Arcana: Review?

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Alright, I did not see that coming…

Now, spoiler ahead lads and lasses so beware!

Really! Spoiler from the books, I’m serious! You have been warned.

For real, since We all fans of the books know what happened Then I think  it is time we let go of the books for real, Izzy is a serious if hot woman now, Alec is Alec thanks the Angel, Simon is already  a vampire  kind of fast but sure, no beef with that.

Jace, well I must admit  that It happened,  Dominic  Sherwood has won me over, he might not be Jace All the time but the little moments truly make him irresistible  and I cannot  fight  it anymore. As for Kat, she does a nice enough Clary, and now that she is so bold as to kiss Jace, if you have  not watched the episode  then I’m sorry for the spoiler, it took  me by surprise  really, first I was like whaaat??? And then, yeah is fine.

Now, the million dollar question!! Are they Going to say that Valentine is Jace father?? Or are they going  to let that slide and let the whole incest non-existent?

I’m  sure they might have said something  somewhere  but since I don’t  tend to read all the news as to leave some expectations in me, and surprises, I’m in the dark on that, but I’m sure they will say it, because the next episode is Bad Blood, and in City of Glass, there is the chapter titled exactly like that, CH 6, and it is about Sebastian, Clary and Jace, who is Sebastian? If you asked that question, read the books! That is all I have to say.

But anyhow, yes, when I was asked on Instagram (in that photo, the link you just missed), what did I mean that we know what it means that the next Ep is Bad Blood, I was actually thinking about this and then thought about it a bit more, and was like, they will probably not reference 3 books ahead, but since they made Simon a vampire so fast, and that happens in book 2 then we can expect anything.

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Major Arcana" - With the knowledge of where The Mortal Cup is, Clary and the team race to get it before anyone else beats them to it in “Major Arcana,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing  Tuesday, February 23rd at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.(Freeform/John Medland) DOMINIC SHERWOOD, HARRY SHUM JR., KATHERINE MCNAMARA

Let us be completely honest now, they are merging everything in… oh! Simon and Maureen? Who is supposed to be like 12, btw, Will he bit her? Sorry that just came to my mind. Anyhow, I have accepted it, they merged the whole story, and that is alright, if we want things slow we should read the books, right? Which by the way, reading for the second time is so much better because you have a new perspective on it.

I think I have made this the largest post on Shadowhunters and didn’t talk much about the episode, so, I might as well let it end here… tomorrow is Bad Blood (nothing to do with Taylor Swift), and we are waiting for that almost as much as we are waiting for Malec, which will surely be amazing!

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