Shadowhunters: ‘Dead Man’s Party’


So, here we are once again. I cannot keep it to myself… but don’t worry this one will be short.

Alright… I’m going to say it, I love the show, I admit it but why do they have to do unnecessary changes? I don’t understand! Camille a brunet? Come on! She is blond with green eyes, is that so difficult? Hey, the actress is good and all, but it’s the details people, the details.

Simon, Simon… I can’t say anything that I haven’t already, to me that character is nearly nonexistent, yes, he does stuff in the books, and he is important and what is coming his way, well, we all know where it is heading, if you read the books you know what I’m saying, if not, is pretty obvious. But the point here is, that he is in the scene and I feel like I should like him or have some sort of affinity but I really don’t.

Izzy Lightwood Emeraude Toubia3

Jace, Dominic Sherwood, convinced me a little more of being Jace W on this chapter, maybe it was that they let his hair fall more and more over his face, and it gives him more of a bad-boy look and a more Jace-look.

Izzy, well, what can I say? That whole scene with Meliorn was kind of strange to me, a little too much, because we know Izzy has a thing for Seelies but I think it was a little over the top having Emeraude half-naked there, she did great but still.

Alec, Clary, Izzy, Jace

The story on this episode was kind of slow, but it did show vamps, Raphael, Camille, and the whole thing with Simon, oh! And Hodge putting stuff in Alec’s head but for those who don’t know about what is going to happen, it showed Alec in another lie, and that last scene with Jace yelling at him, was cool.

Simon, Camille

I nearly forgot, they didn’t quite explain what parabatai is, for the uninitiated this would seem that it is only between men or that it is more of a love-thing than not. In case you don’t know what parabatai really is:

“…a pair of Nephilim warriors who fight together as lifelong partners, bound together by oath, regardless of their gender. Their bond is not reflected only in their closeness and willingness to lay down their lives for one another, but also in oath—one sworn in front of the Council.”

Let us move on.

The best part about Dead Man’s Party though was the scenes from next ep, because it will have Magnus, and as you know by now, I freaking love him. So, that is why I want to leave you a little video that the kind people on Freeform was so nice as to provide.

I hope you watched and liked the episode, and let’s keep in touch until the next one.

Magnus Bane ‘Pretty boy’



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