The Smell of a New Book

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Today I wanted to pay tribute to the hardcover books, which even though I have not had the pleasure of buying from some years now, I still remember how delightful and wonderful it was to have a new book, the fresh smell of it and the whiteness of it pages. Ah! The good old days.

Entering a bookstore and seeing all the books in display is pretty much like going to heaven, going to a library with thousands of books in it, can have the same effect though I have not done that, ever, I imagine I would feel like Belle (Beauty and the Beast), that amount of books at your reach can be intoxicating.

I have the strong believe that someday, I hope not too far, I will be able to buy a paperback book, hardcover preferably and my life will be brighter. The first on my list are: Hush Hush, Idhún’s Memories, The Infernal Devices Trilogy, Divergent, Vampire Diaries, Lux; only I won’t find Lux in my area, I already inquired, carrying on, those are on the top of my list.

I remember when Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was in my hands for the first time, the unwrapping, the joy of a new book, a new story waiting to be read. I am not positive that was the last book I purchased but if it was, then I am realizing now it has been a long, so very long time since I bought a book, which is sad. At least I have my Ebooks, I probably would go blind if I continue reading on my phone and computer but I cannot just not read, it would be a crime against nature.

Needless to say I love every form a book comes to me, I read it all the same.

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Here’s a list of the recent books that came to me, through boxes of bookish goods or simply because I bought, since now I have a job that actually allows me to give myself a treat now and then. Check this out and let me know if you have read any of them.

List of Books

  • Lord of Shadows
  • The Fiercest Joy
  • Otherworld
  • Sense and Sensibility 
  • Grimm’s Fairytales
  • if i stay
  • Where She Went
  • The Bane Chronicles
  • The Last Star
  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

If I would have told myself that I would some day have so many new (not so new in release date) books I would not have believed. This is just a short list, only the ones that I acquired recently, I have many more and the shelves are starting to look a little crowded.

If you know these titles and if you have read them, leave me a comment or share with others that might need inspiration for their reading list. You can find lots of things, titles, and reviews about the magical worlds in here.

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