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Author: Chloe Seager Genre: YA, Comedy This one was a gift, it came in one of those wonderful boxes that bring bookish goodies, sorry I cannot remember which box but when it first arrived, I said: who’s this chick? What is this book? And decided to…

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash

shadowhunters season 3

Hello, readers! Thank you for coming back to the site for more Shadowhunters TV, you were here for something else? Well, you are reading this now so no matter. I have not written a word about the Shadow World on Freeform for some time and…

Shadowhunters TV So Far: New Characters

queen air darkness blackthorn

Author: Cassandra Clare The Dark Artifices #3 Genre: YA, Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Crying, Throwing the book across the room This is not going to be easy, and I do not think it is going to be really short. Last night I finished Queen of…

Queen of Air and Darkness

book heart

Hello, readers. Since everyone loves talking about Valentine’s and all of that, I thought it best to dedicated a little time to all the guys we actually want on this day, stop pretending everyone, you want this and nothing else because this is the real…

Fictional Characters we Wish for on Valentine’s Day

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This was going to be all the books I was reading in 2009 but now let us say a decade or so ago. I cannot really remember what I had in my hands back then, I was actually shock when I realised that Twilight was…

2009 Reads

Reading Plan 2019

Another year came to an end, and a new year is about to make us its slave. Wow, that was deep, I know. This new year will bring many new books, but I already have a small (*cough cough*) list of books that I want…

2019: This is What I Plan to Read