Now a Halloween Movie Book Tag

Halloween movie book tag challenge

And because I can, I am doing a different post for this other tag. It was fun trying to think of books for the Halloween Book one, and yes I posted them both today on Halloween because when else? Happy Halloween, dearies!ย ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป

Oh, and check out the one from Paperbacks and Planners, and the one who tag me, Whispering Stories. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Letโ€™s start.

Halloweentown โ€“ Favorite magical world

Hogwarts, oh wait thatโ€™s not a world, well the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Iโ€™m a Potterhead so sued me.

The Sanderson Sisters โ€“ A book with a revenge plot

A Song of Ice and Fire series, there are revenge plots there, donโ€™t tell me there are not.ย 

The Haunted Mansion โ€“ Recommend 2 books that are similar to each other (if you like this, youโ€™ll also like this)

Divergent and The Hunger Games.

  • the-hunger-games

Hey, say what you will, but they are both dystopian, and if you liked the one, youโ€™ll enjoy the other for certain, they both have great stories and strong heroines. 

The Addams Family โ€“ A book with loads family drama


Game of Thrones. A Dance with Dragons. I mean for real, they should get over themselves, but thatโ€™s pretty much the whole thing, all the families against each other if you think about it. I love GoT.

Twitches โ€“ Book featuring sisters


Pride and Prejudice. Classic and awesome.ย 

Practical Magic โ€“ A book about a curse

Clockwork Angel and I guess Chain of Gold too, both by Cassandra Clare, Iโ€™m a shadowhunter, yes.

  • book-review-chain-gold
  • James Herondale art

So if you donโ€™t know any of these books, I seriously recommend them.ย 

Casper โ€“ A TBR book that is haunting you

Why do you seek to torture me? The list is so freaking long but The Red Scrolls of Magic is the most TBR I have, and the second part is already out, so I suppose there is a small silver lining there.

Clue โ€“ Twist you didnโ€™t see coming

Can I talk about a movie? Because Rebecca was the last twist, I didnโ€™t see it coming. But I guess that Scarlet was also a good twist, thatโ€™s from The Lunar Chronicles.

Beetlejuice โ€“ Book featuring the undead

Like Zombies or Vampires? If Vampires then there are many, Iโ€™ll settle with The Vampires Diaries Series, those are pretty cool.


Tim Burton โ€“ A book, author, or series you associate with Halloween

Stephen King, no questions asked, though I have never read a book by this author because of the drama, suspense, horror and so on.

Coraline โ€“ Recommend a middle grade

Whatโ€™s that? A book for middle graders? But not YA? Sorry, I donโ€™t have one, the only one that just occurred to me is The Philosopherโ€™s Stone.ย 

The Great Pumpkin โ€“ Upcoming release youโ€™re highly anticipating

It was The Brightest Night by Jennifer Armentrout, but it released this month, so let me think, the other one would be The Last Hours part 2, Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare, of course, a must for me.ย 

The Nightmare Before Christmas โ€“ A book that blends genres

  • queens army review
  • book photography cress lunar

The Lunar Chronicles Series from Fantasy to Retelling to Dystopia to Romance to Futuristic, I mean, you have a lot of genres in there, and I learned to love these books, each one captivated me a bit more until I recommend them all the way and have made post after post and reels after reels on my IG, so there you have it.ย 

Thatโ€™s it from my side guys, I really had to dig deep to come with these ones, but there it is, thanks for tagging me Riddhi.

And if you, guys found a new book to read then Iโ€™m glad, and if not, there are also other ones to pick from on the blog, thanks for joining me during Halloween 2020 ๐ŸŽƒ and have a nice night and happy reading.


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