By Lauren Kate

 Genre: Young-Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal.

 Fallen… Fallen…. I have only read the first book and even when the first chapters where unable to capture me and hold me hostage. I knew there was something good in that book, I could feel it so I kept on reading, despite all odds, by the time I got to Daniel being DANIEL, I simply said: there it is! I knew it was worth it.

With Fallen, we have some interesting characters but as usual, there’s one that calls your attention and that would be Daniel. You only have to care about one thing and one thing only in this book, that’s him. There’s also Cam, some may like him… personally? I don’t really see the appeal, I mean sure he’s “tall, dark and dangerous” for give him a description but when I was beginning to think, Hey! He’s a cool, nice character, suddenly my focus went to somebody else, as well as to the main plot of the book.

I don’t see it necessary for me to get into Luce Price. I really do not have much to say about her, she’s the female protagonist, stuff happen around her, she’s Lucinda.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife

Author: Audrey Niffenegger

 This one is difficult for me… because I could write only a couple of words and be done with it. Such as: I love this book or I like the movie.

The problem comes to whether you have read the book or watched the movie at some point. I think I’ll go with: This May Contain Spoilers, if you read something you don’t know don’t blame me. You’ve been warned!

About the Book

I love it, every part of it. Even when I spent almost the whole book playing catch up with the author and the darned jumps she kept making from past to present to future, I still loved every page. Reading from Clare’s POV you can’t help but fell for Henry, through her eyes he is this wonderful, loving, tender, protective guy, which you end up wanting and liking even against your inner wishes.

I read the book after seeing the movie and I saw the movie because of Rachel McAdams, she’s an amazing actress so much so, that she sold me Clare, I wanted to read the book half-way through the movie and to my utter surprise, it was brilliant.

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